Musical Theatre Drama · Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned. Casting this show was extremely difficult, especially with the large turnout for auditions. Please know that no decision was taken lightly, and there were many hard choices that had to be made. I will not be fielding any questions about auditions until AFTER WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3rd. There are many reasons for this, but primarily so that you will have time to reflect on your own auditions, before receiving feedback. Similarly, I will not give any feedback on why you were or were not cast, just simply on how you could improve your auditions in the future. I know that there are many emotions tied in with the audition and casting process, and more than anything I just want to say thank you for being willing to come and try out for this show. I am excited for this production to go forward, and whether you are in the cast or not, I hope you can enjoy this show.


For those cast: Reminder that the first rehearsal is Tuesday, March 2nd after school


  • Ms. Miller


Cast List: Beauty & the Beast