Coed Varsity Cross Country, XC · XC Schedule for Week 10/12-10/16

Below is the XC schedule for week 10/12-10/16.
Monday—Practice at 2:30. Mileage day

Tuesday—Practice at 1:30. Warm-up, strides, and drills, bleacher mile workout, cool down.
Wednesday—due to Fall break, we will not be having practice on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. You are still expected to get your mileage in so you are ready for our state XC meet on October 21st. Get together with your teammates and get your runs done! Wednesday workout—warm up 1 mile, strides and drills. Mid mileage day. Group 1–run 6-7 miles. Group 2: 5-6 miles. Group 3: 4-5 miles.
Thursday-warm up, strides and drills. Progressive run. 6 miles total. Run the first have at a comfortable pace, then pick up the pace gradually during the second half so that the second half is faster than the first half.
Friday—warm up, strides and drills. Mileage day. Do the same mileage that you did on Wednesday.
Please make sure you get in your mileage and workouts during Fall break. Hitting these runs is imperative for us to run well at State. You are all awesome! Time to Fly ✈️