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The Flight Crew is a group of Student Volunteer Leaders that plan and assist in the organization of the HOME events and other assigned events, throughout the year.  Flight Crew is under the direction of Administration, Athletic Department, Performing Arts, Student Council and Sports Marketing Department.  Join us TODAY to be key members of our student section “The DANGER ZONE”.


Membership is open to all CV Students, Meetings will be held on Mondays, after school during teacher collaboration.  Our FIRST meeting will be Tuesday, July 21st @ 11am in the CVHS Lecture Hall (please wear a mask).  Agenda for this meeting:  Purpose, windbreakers, Crimson Day Game themes for the Fall Season.  COME CHECK THE FLIGHT CREW OUT AND GET INVOLVED!

Click on the link and apply today!     https://forms.gle/BRSoNUTuimgnP8jA9

Advisor:  Sharon Mardesich & Alex Judson


Student Leadership:  Alex Steiger, Emily Young, Sports Marketing