Multiple Teams · Friday June 26th Scrimmage Teams-VOLLEYBALL

Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow we will be starting our “Makeshift Team Camp” for 2020. Coaches are getting teams around the state to come and scrimmage different ages and skill levels so we can get some 6 vs. 6 before season starts.

First Hour: Open Gym

Second Hour: Scrimmages

These teams are NOT set! We will be moving these around. Those not scrimmaging tomorrow will have an opportunity to scrimmage against other high schools like Hillcrest and one more high school coming to participate in later weeks so that hopefully we can give everyone an opportunity to get a scrimmage in before we have tryouts.
Again, this is our makeshift team camp! Coaches are doing the best we can to make sure you girls get somewhat of an experience like team camp since it has been a lot harder due to COVID to find a Team Camp for everyone to participate.
Reminder: If you haven’t added your name on my list (first and last name) please reach out to me. This is so we are able to know who is able to make it to the scrimmages and get everyone on a team for at least one of the summer team camp scrimmages.

Our first scrimmage is tomorrow against American Fork High School.

Coaches will also be moving girls around to see options and give others opportunities to try new positions. Again, these teams are not set teams. 


Teams for June 26, 2020 will be:

Team 1:

  • Tinille Stuart
  • Ashley Weist
  • Lia Pili
  • Lelei Pili
  • Mia Fisher
  • Macy Wallace
  • Kiera Smith
  • Nani Saluone

Team 2:

  • Chaleah Workman
  • Lily Gagnier
  • Reagan Johnson
  • Maryssa Straw
  • Davis Wright
  • Lauren Salter
  • Jazmin Sherman
  • Ave Pili
  • Bailee Moore
  • Jewel Tucker
  • Juliet Tucker

Team 3:

  • Esther Clements
  • Kenna Jarvis
  • Gravie Devoe
  • Brixlie Caldwell
  • Molly Ferre
  • Kelsi Whiting
  • Chelsea Jerome
  • Angel Morton
  • Destiny Postak
  • Rachel Davis
  • Saidy Nielson

Open Gym will resume regularly on June 29th from 9:30am-11:30am. Later scrimmages will be announced to the girls when we set dates.


Please contact Coach Fairbanks with any questions.