Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Girls Soccer Summer Practice Schedule

As on June 1st, 2020, Summer practices for Fall Sports are allowed as long as we are abiding to state and health guidelines. Below is the schedule for practices:

Monday (9-11) On the Turf

Wednesday (9-11) On the Grass  

Friday (9-11) On the Turf

Anyone is welcome to come to practices. Depending on group sizes, players will be split up into different groups with different coaches and a rotation system will be applied.

Below is the information sent by ASD and the State: Please Read

The following information provides direction for schools in accordance with health guidelines as

we resume school sponsored activities and instruction on June 1, 2020. As guidelines are
adjusted by the health department and government officials, we will send out updated
information. For the safety of students, teachers, coaches, their families and the community at
large, these guidelines must be followed.
Currently, Utah County is in the Yellow Phase:
1) The teacher/coach is responsible to keep a log verifying that students in attendance are
asymptomatic. If a student or teacher/coach is showing any symptoms, they should not attend
and MUST be sent home, they cannot stay and watch. Sessions will be limited to 50 people
total (while following social distancing guidelines).
2) After passing the check-in station, students, athletes, teachers, and coaches will wash their
hands and maintain social distancing guidelines. Doors inside the facility need to be propped
open to avoid excessive touching of door handles.
3) School locker rooms will not be available. Students should come dressed ready to participate
in the activity.
4) Students should follow social distancing guidelines and stay 6 feet apart. There should be no
cheer stunting or physical contact with others. Students should not touch equipment or
instruments that belong to another student. Students need to bring their own water/beverage
container. Note that students will not have access to school water fountains, however, water
refill stations will be available.
5) After each session is over, teachers/coaches will clean and disinfect equipment, seating, high
traffic areas, door handles, and light switches. All participants, including teachers/coaches,
should wash their hands before and after each session.
6) During weightlifting sessions, students/coaches should wipe down equipment between each
rotation. When spotting is necessary, it should be done from the sides with the recommendation
of the spotters wearing facemasks.
7) It is recommended (not required) that teachers/coaches wear face masks during sessions.
8) Please schedule at least 15 minutes between sessions to minimize student socializing and
to allow teachers/coaches the time needed to disinfect all equipment and instruments.
9) Alpine School District will resume the ASD rental procedure, which includes camps and
outside facility use. The expectation will be that all rentals/camps will follow social distancing
guidelines (50 people total). There will be no use of locker rooms by outside groups.