Aviators News · X-Country Workouts for Week 12/2-12/6

Hello runners! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Below are the workouts for this week. Remember that indoor track workouts start this week. I STRONGLY suggest that you attend these practices. These practices will be focusing on your mobility as a runner and will greatly help you as you prepare for track season.
Run #1– Easy 45 minute run. Add in 3-4 20-30 second strides at the end.
Run #2– 45 minute hilly run. After a 20 minute warm up, find a good steep hill that doesn’t have much traffic. Start at the bottom of the hill and SPRINT as fast as you can up the hill for 30 seconds. Jog back down to the bottom. Repeat this 5 times. 20 minute cooldown.
Run #3- 50 minute long run