Aviators News · X-Country Schedule for Week 9/9-9/13

Hello X-Country Runners and Parents,
This weeks schedule for X-Country is as follows–
Monday 9/9: Practice at 2:45. Speed Workout
Tuesday 9/10: Practice at 2:45. Pre-Meet Shakeout Run and Strides
Wednesday 9/11: X-Country Meet Hosted by Tooele High School. Location Settlement Canyon. Girl’s start at 4:00, Boy’s start at 4:30
Thursday 9/12: Practice at 2:45. 50-55 minute recovery run.
Friday 9/13: Practice at 2:45. Speed Workout
Make sure you are doing everything that you can to RECOVER after our workouts/races. Focus on hydration (WATER, WATER, WATER), sleep, and nutrition (protein and complex carbs especially after our workouts).
Thanks for being the greatest! Let’s keep running forward! We are doing GREAT this season, and let’s make sure we finish out the rest of the season STRONG!