Crimson Regiment Band · Crimson Regiment: Important information and updates! Please read, action required.

Hello! As we gear up for Band Camp, there are some very important logistical items we need to make sure that everyone has taken care of.  This applies to all instruments, percussion, and color guard, so please go through the checklist and be sure that you have checked and completed each of these items.  Students, please check with your parents to be sure that you have looked through this list together and that you are clear on all items!

1.  All fees are now past due.  Final drill numbers are due to the drill writer tomorrow, so if you have not made your payment and have not made arrangements for payment with Mr. Hall, this needs to be done immediately if you would like a drill spot.  If you are unable to pay right now but still want to participate, please contact Mr. Hall TODAY to work through what arrangements can be made.  His email is  Fees should be paid via  Please reference earlier emails for full instructions on making your fee payment if needed.
2. Please log into and be sure that your account says that you are “CLEAR FOR TRYOUTS”  If it does not give you that message, you MUST complete any remaining steps BEFORE Band Camp.  This is vital.  Currently, less than half of our students are cleared to participate!  We cannot have students participate in Band Camp if their permissions are not signed and if their physical is not uploaded to show that they are cleared by a doctor to participate.  If you have not uploaded your physical, again, this must be done before Band Camp.  Your account will say Cleared for Tryouts if you are clear.  If it says anything else, please get these items taken care of ASAP! (We want to save Sharon from having to make lots of phone calls to get students cleared.  Please log in and check your own account so that someone else does not have to chase it down!).
3. Charms Office Assistant is the program we use to send emails and store and organize our data.  If you are receiving this email, we have at least your basic information in Charms, but we need everyone to log in to Charms to make sure their full profile is set up so that we have all of the information we need in case of emergencies or if we need to contact parents.  Every student should have their full profile filled out, including a personal email (not the ASD school email).  In addition to a full student profile, please make sure that we have full information for AT LEAST one parent, including phone and email.  It would be fantastic if profiles for both parents were filled out, but at least make sure we have full name, phone, and email for at least one parent.  Thank  you!
4.We provide two snacks and lunch and dinner for the first week of Band Camp, and two snacks and lunch for the second week of Band Camp (we finish before dinner the second week).  Our food committee is reaching out to find out if we have anyone with dietary restrictions or allergies that we need to take into account.  If your student has dietary restrictions, please email Charlotte at to let us know what restrictions your student has.  If your student cannot eat much of what would be considered a traditional diet and meals that would traditionally be prepared, they are welcome to bring foods that they are able to eat and we can store them and have them available at meal times if that works better for your student.  We can’t accommodate what we don’t know about, so please reach out!  We don’t want anyone going hungry during band camp, so please let us know.  Thank you!
5.  Finally, remember that tomorrow is the deadline to register for the Crimson Regiment Retreat, leadership activity.  There is no charge, we just ask that if you RSVP, that you be sure and attend, because we pay based on our RSVP numbers.  The link to register is:
Thank you for completing each of these items.  We are excited for our Retreat and for Band Camp and hope that you are too.  Have a great day and Go Aviators!