Multiple Teams · 6/28/19 Email

Hello! Welcome to the first CVHS Band email sent via Charms Music. We will be using Charms to send emails for all CVHS Band programs, so please do not disregard this message. Make sure to enter this email address into your address book if you are concerned your email program may block group emails.

There are a few pieces of information we would like to share in this first email, so please read through and see which apply to you.

1. We will be sending almost all of our communications via Charms from now on. Many students/parents went in and set up a Charms account, but I did have to enter a number of our Marching Band students manually. For those manual accounts, I entered only the student number, student name, a parent name, and a parent email. This means that your student is not receiving communications and we do not have all of your contact information, student contact information, instrument information, etc. If you and/or your student did not set up a Charms account yourselves,please go in with the following link and create your account. Here is the link to create your CVHS Charms Account:

If you need instructions to walk you through the account creation process, we included instructions on our website at the following link:

2.  Your child’s student number was used to create the account.2.  If you are receiving this email but are not planning on being a member of the Marching Band, please email and specify the name of the student and which band(s) they are signing up for so that we can tag you for those bands and remove you from the Marching Band email group. This will allow you to avoid receiving emails that do not apply to you. Thank you!

3.  If you did not sign up to be a member of the Marching Band and you are regretting not getting signed up, our new director Mr. Hall would still love to have you! Mrs. Browne, our Color Guard director is also still looking for additional Color Guard members, so if you know someone who still wants to join the Marching Band either way–NOW IS THE TIME! If there are questions about how to sign up (or anything else) please contact either Mr. Hall at or Mrs. Browne at, or you can also contact me (Charlotte Ducos, Booster parent) at You can also find all paperwork and registration links, as well as a thread for all past communications on our website page :

4.  If you are a member of the Marching Band, this is a reminder that your fees are due in full in July. The $100 deposit should have been paid previously. If it was not, do not pay it now, pay it with the rest of your fees. The finance office is in the process of rolling the books to the new fiscal year. The remainder of the fees, $725 (for a total of $825) are due, as specified in the contract, on July 9. We are awaiting the OK from the finance office to begin taking those payments as we move into our new fiscal year. An email will be sent out when they are ready to receive payments. That email will include specific instructions and links to help you complete your payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Mr. Hall is not solidifying Drill numbers until after the July 9 deadline. This means that he will turn in Drill numbers based on the number of students who have paid by the deadline. If you have not paid your fees after the deadline passes, you risk not having a spot in the drill or being assigned as an alternate. We are using fee payment as your commitment and assigning positions on the field accordingly. This policy is based on the reality that Student fees pay for the drill and music to be written and we must get these items solidified prior to Band Camp, and we cannot do that without the ability to pay for them. Hopefully this makes sense. We will send out an email when the links to pay are active. Please plan to have payments completed by July 9 unless we update you otherwise.

5.  I have had many people ask me how they can help out with Marching Band and we have been largely on hold. We are now ready, however, to get prepared for Band Camp. I am in need of volunteers to help out with Band Camp food specifically. I would like to form a committee to plan this together. If you are interested in helping with Band Camp food, please email and I will create a group email to plan a time to meet. We will need to meet in the coming week to get those plans underway, so if you would like to be involved, send me an email and then start checking your availability for this coming week so we can figure out a meeting time. Thank you!

Sorry for a long email, hopefully it was helpful to you. We are excited to get up and running! Please feel free to Contact Mr. Hall or myself if you have questions that have not been answered in this email. Thank you and have a great weekend!


Charlotte Ducos (Parent Volunteer)