All players and coaches will be meeting at the main court in the UCCU center at 11:00 AM. Please bring your forms and turn into Coach Murry.

Mondays schedule is as follows:

Varsity– 12:50 and 5:50 on main court (UCCU 1)

JV– 4:10 on main court (UCCU 1) and 8:20 on wellness court #2

Soph– 1:40 on wellness #3, 3:20 on UCCU 4, and 5:50 on wellness #2

Fresh– 12:00 on UCCU 4, 2:30 on UCCU 2, and 7:30 on UCCU 3.


Please make sure all fees are paid.

Players that own a black/white cedar valley jersey, please wear them this week. We will be handing out jerseys to players that do not own one.

Players will need to get a ride or carpool to and from UVU each day.

Players that did not pay for meals at Golden Coral, will need to bring money or food to eat while at camp.

*Once UVU gives us more information on game times and locations, we will be sending that out.