Multiple Teams · Important Information Regarding Scheduling for CVHS Band and Percussion Classes: ACTION NEEDED

Hello Future CVHS Band Members!
This email is intended to explain how to register for band classes for the coming school year and to explain a little about the classes.
For the first semester only we will not have a full band class that meets during the school day. I will explain why in a moment. The classes will be 2 percussion classes (Advanced and Intermediate), a woodwind class, and a brass class. The classes will meet as follows, Intermediate Percussion class B7, Advanced Percussion B8, Brass Class B7, and Woodwind Class B8. During these classes we will focus on instrument specific pedagogy and technique in order to advance the abilities of all members. We will be hiring professionals on their instrument to come and teach master classes on a regular basis. We will still work on pep band music and concert band music in our classes. Following marching band season we will meet 1-2 times a week before or after school to put the whole band together in order to prepare for our winter concert. Following the fall semester we will discontinue the brass and woodwind class and place students in either a symphonic band or wind ensemble.
Senior and Juniors will take a leading role during our individual classes to help peer tutor students that need some extra attention. This will develop all students’ understanding of their instruments.
We are making this change for a few reasons. Many students were intimidated by the audition process. They chose to not participate in band rather than submit an audition. Because of this reason I wanted to eliminate the the need for auditions by creating our individualized classes. During class time throughout the fall semester I will have the opportunity to evaluate students and begin the process of slotting them into their appropriate band for the Spring Semester.
Here is how to register. Below is a google form link. Fill out the form. We will submit the information to the registrar to change your schedule to the appropriate class. If you did not sign up due to some scheduling conflicts, but still want to participate in band, please fill the form out anyway. I will do everything in my power to help you get the classes you want while still participating in band.
As always if there are any questions please email me directly
All the best,
Orien Landis
Director of Bands
CVHS Bands