Multiple Teams · Volleyball Team Contract Season 2019

*Contract could change*

Cedar Valley Volleyball 2019

This is an official document for Cedar Valley High School Volleyball Team 2019. This document must be read and agreed to by all student-athletes and parents or a legal guardian for all of those who are wanting to participate. If those who are wanting to participate don’t comply will result in ineligibility to participate during the 2019 season. Information is as follows:

Summer Open Gyms and Camps:

Check for open gym information. We will also be participating in a team camp hosted by Pleasant Grove and American Fork High School July 8th-10th. In order to participate, girls will need to pay a $20 fee to participate. There will be 2 to 3 teams going to this. Girl will be placed on teams by what the coaches feel will be the best fit and can be moved up and down teams throughout the tournament.

In order for coaches to get the best evaluation, girls will want to attend open gyms as many times as they can before the summer tournament.

Tryouts and Requirements:

Season tryouts will be held August 12 from 3pm-6pm and August 13 3pm-6pm. Cuts will be made the first day of tryouts and the final team list will be posted by 9 pm on the Volleyball page of the Cedar Valley High School website. All participants MUST have all the requirements completed prior to tryouts. You must email or upload your physical directly to prior to tryouts.


Cedar Valley Volleyball team will include a Freshman team, Sophomore, JV, and a Varsity. The number of players who will be on the team will be determined by the coaches at tryouts.

Season 2019:

The 2019 season will officially begin the first day of tryouts on August 12th and will run through the completion of the State tournament October 29th and 30th.

Practices are a MANDATORY for each participant to help in achieving a high level of performance throughout the season. You must take care of scheduling now! Special circumstances that one may miss a practice include family weddings, funerals, sickness, or school programs. You must communicate to Coach Fairbanks WELL before practice time for approval. Practices are every day for 2-3 hours. If you make the team, you will need to include the volleyball class (B8) onto your school schedule. Practices will be held on A days after school from 2:45pm-5:30pm and B Days will be during class time from 1:15pm-4:15pm.

The results of missing practice WITHOUT permission:

Missing 1 practice: Sitting out of an entire match

Missing 2 practices: Suspension of the team (Coaches decide the length)

Missing 3 practices: Termination from the team



  • $100 Participation fee
  • $80 Equipment fee
  • $80 Tournament fee
  • $130 Practice/Game day gear (spandex, knee pads, practice t-shirts, crew socks)


  • $190 Team warm ups (jacket, pants, etc.)
  • $50 Backpack

Academic Eligibility:

In order to be eligible by the UHSAA and Cedar Valley High School student-athlete can not have any F’s from any classes from the 4th term of 2017 and must have had a 2.0 or above from the previous term. If this is the case, the athlete will need to meet with Coach Fairbanks so this can be resolved before the season begins.

As coaches, we are holding these athletes to a higher standard in their academics. We have a mission to not only make great athletes but great students and people as well. We also understand the meaning of STUDENT-athlete. At the beginning of the season, as a team, we will decide what we would like our team overall academic GPA to be. As a program we want to reach the high goal we are able to athletically and academically. Also, the team will decide on what things each one can do inside of the classroom to perform better and will hold each other accountable. We will NOT tolerate things such as skipping class, being tardy for no reason, and bullying. Again, coaches are holding these athletes accountable to their actions and we want what is best for them.

Students may be asked to miss practices if the student has a poor grade that can be made up within that class and the teacher. If students ask if they can go make up a grade, this will not count against them within practice.

Suspension may be but are also not limited to the following:

  • Poor Grades, poor attendance, and poor citizenship
  • Teacher complaints of disrespectful behavior in class

Moral Conduct:

Each participant will be required to live by the following moral code of conduct:

  • No cheating in school or otherwise
  • No use of any illegal substances, i.e. alcohol, tobacco, performance enhancing drugs, etc.
  • Appropriate conduct with the opposite sex
  • Abiding by team rules, school rules, and federal laws

Any violation of these rules will result in immediate suspension from the Volleyball team. Athletes will need to be honest in their doings and come and report to the coaches personally. The consequences could be worse if the coaches find out any other way but from the athlete themselves. Depending on the degree of what the athlete did will depend on how long the suspension will be. In order to be re-admitted to the team, they will need to be evaluated by the coaches to be either granted or denied accordingly. All discipline rules will refer and follow Cedar Valley High School, Alpine School District, and UHSAA guidelines.

Additional Information:

If a student-athlete gets injured away from volleyball or sick or otherwise, please let Coach Fairbanks know ASAP so adjustments can be made. If student-athlete has a pre-existing condition such as asthma, breathing problems, diabetes, or previous injuries that may prevent full participation, please let Coach Fairbanks know ASAP. All student-athletes MUST have a doctor’s physical before they are allowed to participate with the team in practice or competition.

*By marking I have read and accept on I understand this contract and abide to what it has stated.